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Why do people worry so much? Especially about things that cannot be changed? Did Han Solo freak out when he was going to be "stored" in carbon? Even when Princess Leia told him that she loved him he kept his cool and said, "I know." Did Luke Skywalker lose it when Wedge got hit and had to leave him? Even though Darth Vader was on his tail Luke was able to "let go" and trust the force. He didn't worry; he knew the force would guide him. He was as calm as a womprat in Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine on a warm day. Let's not sweat the small stuff. It could be a lot worse. You could be charged with the task of destroying the Death Star, or a band of Sand People could have your mother in captivity. But, seriously, just chillax. Some changes in life may seem big, (ex. finding out your father is a Sith Lord) but you just have to go forward with faith and know that it'll all work out. Your father may just bring balance to the force after all - you never know.

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Just Plain Weird

So, yesterday I was in Biology class as usual when my teacher was showing us some genetically engineered spiders. Everything was proceeding as a normal day when suddenly, my clumsy teacher knocked over the genetically engineered spiders' cage. I helped him gather up as many as I could, but as I was gathering the spiders one of them bit me. It hurt really badly last night, but I thought I would just sleep it off. I feel a lot better this morning.

On a completely unrelated note, however, something strange is happening to my body, but in a good way. I woke up this morning and put on my glasses, but my vision was 20/20, in fact I can see better than ever. I also noticed that when I went up the stairs (it's a really long staircase) that I was able to run the whole way without feeling the slightest bit of fatigue. Just plain weird. I told my friend, Peter, from Chemistry class about it and he said that he knew EXACTLY what I was going through. How could he know what's happening to me?

Anyway, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on anything else that happens to my body.

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Why do people like to pretend they know things?

So, I was talking to a friend of friend today that I knew from about four or five years ago; we randomly bumped into each other and recognized each other, and started talking. Eventually she asked if I had served a mission and I said that I had and that I served in Japan. She asked me what kind of Japanese I spoke and I know that there are many different dialects, but most people don't know that. So, I was somewhat surprised at her asking me that and asked, "Do you know the different dialects?" and then said, "I speak Tohoku ben and Hyojungo and a little bit of Sugaru ben." She told me that she only knows of Regular and Mandarin Japanese. I told her that there is no such thing as Mandarin Japanese, but there is such a thing as Mandarin Chinese and that was probably what she was thinking. She then got a little flustered and said, "My friend speaks Mandarin Japanese. Are you sure there's no such thing? I know that's what he speaks." Now, I consider myself, having a Japanese minor, to be somewhat knowledgable on the subject and she knew this because she had asked if I were studying Japanese earlier in the conversation. How could she have the gumption to second guess me on something so commonly known? What's so hard about saying, "Oh, sorry, I must be mistaken," or "Oh, I was confused?" I wouldn't have thought she was a bad person, and I wouldn't have thought any less of her. Whatever, I just hope she feels like she's made herself look better by trying to convince me that there IS such a thing as Mandarin Japanese.